Focusing on Python

Tweaking the path

Reviewing my progress so far, I have come to the conclusion that I need to be more focused in terms of what I’m studying. Language-wise, I’ve worked with C, C++, Python and Haskell. This has been overwhelming because I think more progress could have been made if I had narrowed my pursuits considerably. Consequently, I have chosen to focus on Python as my main programming language with Haskell as a side language.

Gaining mastery over one language before tackling others will help considerably when it efficiently expanding my tool set especially since I’ll have a reliable model with regards to imperative, object-oriented and functional paradigms. My technical aids in this endeavour is mainly Learning Python by Mark Lutz. For a real world application perspective, Programming Python (by the same author) seems quite intriguing.

Project wise, I completed the data visualisation tutorial (Data visualisation tutorial code). I’m now working on understanding how to use APIs courtesy of


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