Positive actionable intelligence


We live in an unprecedented era where information is abundant, cheap and easy to access. With the internet and libraries, many have access to what is effectively a gold mine. However, taking advantage of this treasure is by no means easy. Why? We are overwhelmed. In our modern society, we are constantly under attack. From the news to radio, from twitter to hacker news, distraction is never more than a phone away.

In most people’s cases, the story is of consumption. Bites of knowledge which form no coherent discipline. Just article after unending article. I myself fell into the trap and have learned that more is not better. Quality does outweigh quantity. I look back on the information I have consumed and ask myself, “where is the action, where are the results?”. Unfortunately, I have nothing to show. Action has been the exception, rather than the norm.

This is wasteful and inefficient. Knowledge is being created at an exponential pace with everyone adding to the deluge. As the treasure mine grows, I must take advantage. I must take action.


As far as I’m concerned, knowledge without action is useless. Henceforth, I am going to adopt a positive actionable intelligence mindset. This means that I will seek and prioritise that which can be acted upon. I will break, tinker and hack ideas into digital reality!

Organising data creates information,
Processing information generates knowledge,
Applying knowledge builds skills,
Employing skills increases intelligence,
Reflecting with intelligence yields wisdom!


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